Why draining paving Mosaico Drenante is unique - 2nd part

There are many companies that offer draining flooring in aggregate and resin and the world of social media helps costumers to get several information, photographic and video contents about the product and its installation.

However, an inexperienced eye does not always recognize the qualitative differences, especially if the modest price is more similar to the bewitching song of the Sirens than to an alarm bell (have you ever heard the saying “Whoever spends more saves?”).

We often receive requests for the restoration of quite new pavings that begin to “crumble”: the surface loses its compactness; the resin binder degrades due to the sun and the aggressiveness of atmospheric events and in a short time the aggregates turn into something that looks like gravel.

In other cases, cracks are created because of the temperature variation: the continuous episodes of expansion and contraction of the bottom end up breaking the surface above, which does not guarantee adequate flexibility in order to compensate for these very common natural phenomena.

Mosaico Drenante® is guaranteed for 21 years from the date of installation against cracks, yellowing, crumbling, damage from hydrocarbons and frost.

How do we do it?

> Internal staff only

We take care of installations throughout Italy, always and only employing our specialized internal staff, trained to guarantee a quality standard that is always at the top.


> Vertical competence

Unlike other companies, we do not offer other types of outdoor flooring. We have developed a very specialized vertical competence and we have decided to focus on that, as a further guarantee of quality and in order to distinguish ourselves from the competitors.


> Great expertise

We are not only specialized, but we have behind us a great expertise that allows us to evaluate the main characteristics of each single site and to take a series of corrective measures based on atmospheric conditions, preparation of the substrate, humidity, heat/cold. This is because the outdoor flooring installation must take into account several variables so that the final result is always the same in all conditions.

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