If you are thinking of paving the driveway and pedestrian path of your home, it is advisable to choose a draining, performing and functional material to cope with several inconveniences associated with the winter season, that sometimes also cause permanent damages to the flooring.

In winter, outdoor activities are limited by bad weather conditions, which make the flooring impervious, reducing the safety and usability of the surfaces. In cold temperatures, snow and rain can crystallize and create a slippery layer of ice that is potentially dangerous for both pedestrians and cars.

Installing Mosaico Drenante® by Hiskin, you would be free from all these concerns.
Mosaico Drenante® can handle freezing and thermal changes and it is made by resistant materials guaranteed for 21 years from the date of installation against cracks, yellowing, crumbling and damage from hydrocarbons.

Thanks to its draining capacity, the water does not penetrate the pavement, but flows directly underneath without having time to solidify, becoming ice. This means that, even with temperatures around 0 ° C, the surface does not freeze and guarantees its anti-slip property.
Furthermore, the micro empty space between one granule and another (the same ones that ensure the drainage capacity of the flooring) are essential to allow the material to contract and expand according to the atmospheric temperature without causing breakages and damage to the surface.

In case of snow there is no contraindication with the spreading of coarse salt, commonly used for its anti-freeze function, as it does not damage or weaken the performance of the flooring.
We remind you that winter can be an excellent time to plan the installation in view of the summer. In fact, the very high quality of our resin allows to carry out installation even with temperatures slightly above zero.

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