HiSkin for Riso Scotti: Leonardo Project

“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”
Leonardo da Vinci

Since the beginning of our business, we have set ourselves the goal of creating high-performance draining floors, with the highest technical and aesthetic expectations and characterized by a strong green approach.

Very in tune with our company philosophy is Riso Scotti spa, the food company from Pavia, which has chosen the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci as a symbol to convey the communication relating to the adoption of circular economy processes and the sustainability of the supply chain.

For this purpose, Riso Scotti has done a great work and has called us in order to participate with our Mosaico Drenante® flooring.

An entire area in the garden of the Riso Scotti headquarter in Pavia has been dedicated to the great Italian artist and inventor, whose engineering skills applied to irrigation systems helped the growth of rice cultivation in Lomellina.

The project involved the construction of a grain of rice’s shape walkway, that embraces a large nineteenth-century water wheel and the giant hydro resin sculpture over 4 meters high, portrayed the senile face of Leonardo.

The choice of materials and the methods of execution of the project were carried out in respect of the environment and in line with Leonardo’s values, also for what concerned the flooring.

Sure enough Riso Scotti has chosen Mosaico Drenante as a 100% eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly solution because:

• allows the collection of rainwater and its natural cycle, contributing to the prevention of flooding due to climate changes;

• uses a producing system that does not release toxic fumes in the air;

• provides a totally eco-friendly maintenance with water or, in cases of stubborn dirt, with a portable pressure washer.

But the benefits are not just of a technical nature. The aesthetic characteristics of Mosaico Drenante paving are enhancing for any type of environment and allow a design flexibility that satisfies the customer’s requests.

In this case, to better represent the chromatic nuances of the grain of rice, the flooring has been made in Breccia Aurora color with contrasting profiles in Bianco Carrara and Occhialino colors (3 mm grain size) for a result that met expectations.

To be part of this project has made us proud and it pushes us to work on the product research and development, in order to create pavings that can leave a concrete mark in this sector, following the Italian artisan tradition, but directing our eyes towards technological and sustainable progress.

For further information, contact us to the following email address: info@hiskin.it