HiSkin Drain Flooring and the Clearing of Memory of Genoa

The Clearing of Memory, built between via Fillak and via Porro in Genoa represents the memory of a tragedy that we will never forget.

Today, 3 years after that disastrous day, the ruins that invaded the area below the Polcevera viaduct have made room for an area that has not only the purpose of commemorating the victims of the collapse of the Morandi bridge, but that become a space usable by the citizens, hosting cultural and entertainment events and an info-point coordinated by a network of local associations.

Hiskin took part in the refurbishment of the paving of the square (over 4000 mq) with its concrete solution HiSkin Drain.

The Clearing of Memory was conceived as an aggregative space for citizens, tourists and schools, a place of rebirth where to host meetings, public talks of experts, public art, rallies for cycling and walking routes, out-door education and walks. For this reason, the gravel flooring, chosen in the first instance, was inadequate, because irregular, dusty and inaccessible to the disabled and to families with strollers.

The HiSkin Drain concrete suited the specific intended use in a very effective way.

HiSkin Drain, ideal for both pedestrian and vehicular use, is made up of a mixture studied in our research laboratory and through the development of a unique installation system, it allows to get an excellent mechanical performance and level of finish.

Its main feature is the permeability, that allows water to flow directly into the subsoil, without resorting to a drainage system in drainage shafts, reducing all the accessory creation works required by a traditional creation accessory required.

But there are many other benefits:

it eliminates the possibility of water stagnation and flooding even in the event of heavy rainfall

it is environmentally sustainable, integrating with the landscape without damaging it

it reduces the “Island of Heat”, lowering the surface temperature during the hot period thanks to its porosity (up to 3°C less compared to a traditional flooring)

it requires minimal maintenance. It is sufficient to wash the surface with water to maintain the original appearance and functionality

The area was officially inaugurated last March and since May it has been animated by several events part of a rich calendar, returning this square to the neighborhood. We are proud of having take part to this work that doesn’t mean to erase the pain, but to cultivate a feeling of participation and belonging through activities of public utility.

For further information about HiSkin Drain and Mosaico Drenante write us an e-mail to: info@hiskin.it