Compared to the past, there is greater awareness in the choice of outdoor flooring for a property both in a residential and commercial context and the economic factor is no longer the only determining element.

In addition to benefits such as resistance and durability over time, customers are looking with increasing interest for materials that guarantee environmental compatibility or simply an anti-slip surface that prevents the formation of stagnant water, to ensure greater safety even in the event of extraordinary rains, more and more frequent in our daily life. Permeable and draining pavements are increasingly used on a large scale both in urban contexts and in countryside areas and on private rural roads, precisely because they meet these new needs.

Hiskin, with Mosaico Drenante®, is revolutionizing the image of cities and beyond, making an active contribution to the challenge of climate change.
The urbanization process in the recent decades caused an increase of asphalt and concrete surfaces, negatively impacting the way and speed with which surface water flows into local water bodies.
On the other hand, by opting for traditional permeable solutions such as gravel, there are obvious limits of use. The uneven surface makes difficult to pass through of disabled people in wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers, it raises a lot of dust and is easily subject to the growth of weeds.

Mosaico Drenante® combines draining capacity, aesthetics, exceptional technical and functional performance and its success depends on the characteristics of the material used.
The pebbles in natural stone or marble are mixed with the resin and, thanks to the expertise of our technicians, are transformed into a smooth and robust surface, through which water flows freely into the subsoil (1200 l/min).
The processing, with low energy consumption and quick installation, can be used in areas subject to SUDS requirements and to landscape and hydrological constraints, for a more respectful integration of the flooring into the environment.
But its benefits are not only green: its surface is highly durable, so much so that it is guaranteed 21 years from the date of installation against deterioration from UV rays, frost and hydrocarbon stains and offers a wide range of colors suitable for any style of commercial, residential or garden project.
If the finish in Mosaico Drenante® is a vital element in order to ensure the overall permeability of the surface, it is equally necessary to pay attention to the design of the substrate, but this aspect deserves a separate study.

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