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HiSkin® was born with the well to combine three fundamental elements: traditional Italian craftsmanship, modern technology and landscape architecture. The aim is to produce high performance floorings able to create a unique atmosphere desired by our customers.


Water-permeable and draining floorings SureSet

HiSkin® is Global partner of SureSet® for South Europe, a leading company in the production of water-permeable and draining floorings. These have always been synonymous with quality, good performance and durability because they are the only ones guaranteed for 21 years after installation. It is possible to use SureSet® products, distributed exclusively by HiSkin®, both for a permeable solution, which recreates the natural water cycle, and for a draining solution, thanks to which you can collect and recover rainwater.

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Our projects

We immediately set ourselves the goal of creating flooring in line with the highest expectations in terms of technical and aesthetic content.

We are exclusive distributors for Italy and Southern Europe of SureSet® systems, which have always been synonymous with high quality and guarantee the results obtained.

Our systems can use both natural and recycled materials in an almost infinite range of colors that allow you to create unique creations.

This means that by installing an HiSkin® flooring system, in addition to creating unique and highly aesthetic settings, the natural water cycle is favored by creating a 100% eco-sustainable and eco-friendly system.

We differentiate ourselves through an innovative approach, providing technical advice to professionals during the project phases.

The knowledge we have acquired through the years, along with an accurate selection of our partners, gives us today the possibility to realize an almost infinite range of permeable and draining floorings

Tree pit

Tree pit

Our contours draining plant “TREE PIT”, need very little maintenance, they improve the environment and discourage vandalism.

Moreover, our system provides the correct contribution of humidity and oxygen to the roots, improving plant’s life quality.

Comply with the requirements for the sustainable urban draining system SuDS, SureSet® products are being increasingly chosen by local bodies as a solution to manage the “urban green”.

Our permeable surfaces allows water to come back in a natural way into the groundwater mantaining the water cycle unaffected, to confirm our system’s ecosustainability.

With the increasing issues related to floods and to the pollution, having a permeable surface is essential for the environment.

Not polluting: once finished the maturation, SureSet® is an inert material therefore it does not send polluting substances to the environment. The PH values remain unchanged, indeed our contours plant act as a filter layer protecting our ground from polluting agents. Our flooring systems are reflective and their structure, characterised by empty spaces, allows the absorption and the evaporation of humidity, fighting like that the effect of the so called “Heat Island“.


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Modern technology and landscape architecture in order to produce high performance floorings able to create a unique atmosphere that perfectly fits our customers.